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Fire Hydrants

Name one of the most unused items, that are heavily relied upon in the time of need?

If you said fire hydrants, you are correct.

Fire hydrants are relied upon in a moment's notice to provide fire flow for the protection of a business or home. They are a crucial component of the fire service. A fire engine carries a limited amount of water, so it is important that Fire Personnel are able to hook fire engines to hydrants for water supply to fight a fire.

The Nevada County Consolidated Fire District has over     public fire hydrants. Thes hydrants are maintained by the Nevada Irrigation District (NID), although you may see fire personnel doing inspections to make sure that they are operational.

If you have a hydrant on or near your property, we have an adopt-a-hydrant program and would love for community involvement and assistance in maintaining a 3-foot clearance around the hydrant. Click here for more information.

Never tamper with or allow children to play with or on fire hydrants. Time is of the essence when firefighting, if they have been tampered with it may cause access issues. Remember to never park in front of a fire hydrant, it is illegal and can result in a fine.