NCCFD Adopt a Hydrant

NCCFD responds to approximately 150 fire related calls per year. One of the most important factors in successfully fighting these fires, is a reliable water source. There are thousands of fire hydrants strategically placed throughout our district. Although hydrant maintenance is one of fire crews many duties, it is nearly impossible for crews to keep track of every single hydrant each year. This is where you come in!


NCCFD is starting an “Adopt A Fire Hydrant Program” in which the members of our community can help to play a vital role in fire protection. Residents can adopt a hydrant on their street, in their neighborhood, or perhaps right in front of their house. The residents would insure that a hydrant is visible from the road way, cleared of brush, snow, debris, and could report damages or leaks to the proper agency.


These simple steps could really help fire crews to secure a water source quickly in the event of a fire! To adopt a hydrant today, click the link below. If you notice a leaking or damaged hydrant, please contact Nevada Irrigation District at 530-273-8185. To sign up to adopt a hydrant please click the link below.

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