911 in Nevada County


When to Call?

If you have an emergency, do not hesitate to call 911.It is better to call before the situation becomes worse than it already is. Remeber to only use 911 to report new emergencies.  Do not use 911 to inquire about a current situation or incident.  Doing so ties up the 911 phone lines, causing other 911 calls to be delayed.

Emergency Procedures:

In the event you have an emergency, remember these procedures to ensure prompt, effective service, and try to remain calm



1.  State the nature of the emergency

2.  State your address or the location of the emergency, with the closest cross street.

3.  Give your name and telephone number.

4.  Remain on the line until the dispatcher tells you to hang up.



Federal law requires that all 911 calls be directed to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), which has to be a law enforcement agency.  In Nevada County, when you dial 911, you are connected to the Nevada County Sheriff's Department (residents within the city limits of Grass Valley are connected to the Grass Valley Police Department).


Once the 911 dispatcher is online, the caller can advise them of what their emergency is.  Any incidents requiring other than law enforcement assistance (i.e.: Medical Aids, Fires, Accidents, Hazardous, etc.), the 911 call is immediately transferred to the California Department of Forestry (Cal Fire) Emergency Command Center in Grass Valley.

Once the call is transferred to , the dispatcher will gather information, including the nature and location of the emergency, your name and callback number, and any other helpful information.  Typically, after the information is gathered, the dispatcher will have the caller hang up the phone.  If you are in need of additional medical assistance (i.e.: performing CPR, control bleeding, etc.), Cal Fire dispatchers are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatching, and they will remain on the line to assist you further.  Cal Fire dispatcher are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatching, which dispatchers to give the 911 caller step-by-step instructions on how to do CPR.


Typically, two or more dispatchers will monitor your call.  While one dispatcher is talking to the caller, the other dispatcher is dispatching the information into the computer system, which will advise which resources to send to the emergency.  This speeds up the dispatch process, which allows you to receive emergency assistance in minutes.

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