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District History


The Nevada County Consolidated Fire District (NCCFD) was formed in July of 1991 by the consolidation of the Gold Flat and Bullion Fire Protection Districts.  In January of 1993, Alta-Oaks-Sunset Fire District consolidated with NCCFD.  Next, the Watt Park Fire Protection District consolidation took place in January of 1998.  The most recent consolidation took place in October of 2003, adding the 49er Fire Protection District to NCCFD.  The results of these consolidations improved the service to the citizens that reside within the fire district. 

In August of 2001, with the opening of Grass Valley Fire Department (GVFD) Station 2 on Sierra College Drive, NCCFD and GVFD began a joint staffing operation, moving NCCFD personnel from Station 91 to GVFD Station 1 on Brighton Street.  This was a win/win situation for both departments.  The joint staffing operation addressed the situation of two fire stations located within the same geographic area, and allowed GVFD to fully staff Station 2.  Since NCCFD borders wrapped around the city limits of Grass Valley, the operation enabled the departments to eliminate their in-district response plans and begin using the "closest resource" response plan, which allows quick and appropriate responses to both the city of Grass Valley and NCCFD areas.

Today, the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District is a full-service emergency response agency. NCCFD is a full-time paid staff department,  covering 143 square miles of residential, commercial, industrial, and rural areas, through five service areas and 10 stations. There are 4 staffed District-owned stations, 1 jointly staffed city fire department stations, and 5 un-staffed District-owned stations.  The field staff consists of 1 Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 2 Battalion Chiefs, 1 Fire Marshal, 1 Deputy Fire Marshal, 9 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, 12 Firefighter/Operators, 2 Mechanics, and Interns. The administrative staff  consists of a Finance Manager and an Operational Support Manager. The population within the district is 32,000+.