Fire Prevention

Your Home and Wildfire. Choices that can make a difference.


Nevada County Consolidated District’s Fire Prevention works to mitigate fire hazards through inspections and education as well as investigate causes of fires. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the following items below, please call the Fire Prevention office Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 at (530) 265-4431.

Fire Prevention Codes and Ordinances

Building Permits

Defensible Space

Water Storage

Second Dwelling

Plan Review Application

If you are submitting plans for review by our Fire Marshal, please complete the form below and submit (4) four plans to the Administrative Office located at 640 Coyote Street, Nevada City, Ca 95959.


Complaint Form

If you see a fire hazard, please click below for more information.


Defensible Space

Do you want to improve the fire resistance of your home? Click on the link below to see an example of a well thought out home defense method created by a local home owner. You can find all of the components locally and customize the ideas for your home!

Fuel Management and Hazard Reduction Program

There are two key components to the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District’s Fuel Management and Hazard Reduction Program:

  • The reduction of vegetative fuels surrounding dwellings

  • The reduction of vegetative fuels on undeveloped parcels.

The District’s primary enforcement efforts are focused in target areas. This provides the greatest benefit to the area by bringing all the undeveloped parcels into compliance and ensures the most effective use of limited personnel and funding. Selection of target areas are based upon the type and amount of vegetation, the number and size of undeveloped parcels, and topographical conditions that would affect fire behavior.

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Nevada County Consolidated Fire District  

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(530) 265-4431

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