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Public Education Programs

Thank you for your interest in the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District. We are excited to offer the opportunity for our residents to request fire station tours, event requests, fire extinguisher training, and give presentations or safety speeches.

Public Education Guidelines

  • Public Education requests, including fire station tours, require at least a two-week advance notice. Consideration will be given to requests with less than two-weeks notice.
  • You must remember that although you were scheduled for a tour or event, the engine and crew may be called to respond to an emergency. If the crew is called away, we will make all attempts to continue the tour or event using other staffing if possible.
  • Vehicle traffic shall be prohibited around the apparatus and mobile classroom.

If you are requesting a Station Tour:

  • Please remember that you are visiting an active, in-service fire station and will be informed of a safe place to gather your group in the event that the engine is called out to an emergency.
  • Chaperones will be necessary (1 adult for every 5 children under the age of 12). The main target group must be at least 4 years of age to participate in the tour.
  • During Station Tours, there are no facilities available for you to serve food to your group. Generally, the fire crew will provide a brief tour of the station, in addition to displaying the Engine and equipment, demonstration of gear worn by fire personnel, followed by a question and answer period.
  • Restroom facilities are available at all Station Tour Locations.

If you are requesting a School Visit or Special Event:

  • The Fire Apparatus must be located in a position that will facilitate a safe and expedient response in the case it is called to respond to an emergency.
  • If the mobile classroom is requested adequate space to park and turn around must be provided.
  • The mobile classroom may not be suitable for every event. The use of the mobile classroom will be considered on a case by case basis.

Fire Extinguisher Training:

  • Fire extinguisher training requires the use of your fire extinguisher. It is recommended that you request this training when your fire extinguishers are due for annual service. This can save you money.
  • It is your responsibility to schedule the service of the fire extinguishers on the day of the training.
  • Since live fire is involved with fire extinguisher hands on training we will need an open space free of combustible materials and blocked from vehicle traffic.

 Safety Speeches:

  • Safety speeches are typically given to adults.
  • Safety speeches can be given to all size groups (i.e. service groups, homeowners associations, etc.)
  • Safety speeches can be presented on a number of topics. Please specify what would you like to discuss in the notes section of the request form.


Public Education Request Form