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Station 89

Station 89 is located at 11833 Tammy Way, Grass Valley. It is home to our Type III engine, and our OES water tender.

May contain: vehicle, transportation, and truck

Coverage Area:

Alta Sierra area including Alta Sierra airport, and the back side of Dog Bar Road from La Barr Meadows Road to the Higgins FD boundary.

Staffing Coverage:

Station 89 has full time staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have 3 shifts (A, B, C) that work 48 hours on with 96 hours off.

  • A-Shift: 1 Lieutenant & 1 Firefighter/Operator
  • B-Shift: 1 Captain      & 1 Firefighter/Operator
  • C-Shift: 1 Lieutenant & 1 Firefighter/Operator